WHich is the one addon that is fully working: Letsencrypt or DUckdns?

I remember one of the two is the good one containing both, can’t remember which one is it …



Other question, I am moving from a pi3 to NUC. Before doing the jump for a period would like to have two HASSIO concurrently, you think will work having 2 letsencrypt duckdns in the same LAN?

I am not sure… I have always been curious about running 2 (master/slave or primary/secondary) instances.

Oh yes, keeping both is good for redundancy

what does that mean (master/slave primary/secondary)?

SO far I have 2 instances (not correlated) and they both work fine. XIaomi gateway works fine, Hue bridge works fine, broadlink devices works fine, Yeelight Wifi work fine with botyh.
Little problem I have is with zwave but this because I only have one stickI have only one stick.

You think if I get another stick zwave will work fine (all zwave devices connected to 2 zwave stick, will they work as well??), or can I get data from the same stick and give to other instances of HASSIO?

I don’t know about having 2 separate z-wave controllers. It was my understanding that a device is married/joined to a specific controller. That being said, if 1 controller can bee added to the existing network and act as a repeater, then it could work.

As far as the master/slave, it was my understanding that the 1st unit ran the HA system and the 2nd only relayed messages unless the 1st unit failed/crashed/lost power - in which case the 2nd unit then took control to keep the HA system running. Again, not sure how this would have worked with a 2nd z-wave controller though.

Does anyone else have knowledge of running 2 z-wave controllers?

ahhh yes, maybe that should work

this would be ideal of course: I would use the NUC as master and the pi3 as slave/backup/failover

I would prefer to have only one, and somehow give data to the second instance of HASSIO. Evry other hub (xiaomi, hue, other wifi devices) work like this

From what I have seen in searches, data is transferred from primary to secondary units via MQTT signals.

which is not good?

If one HASSIO instance is not working, who is going to do the mqtt message available to the second…