Which lighting system for Australia?

I’m about to renovate and extend a house here in Australia, I’ve had retrofit Nue Zigbee light switches in my previous house and I’ve enjoyed the control but the unreliability of the devices plus the zigbee network (98% of the time it’s good) has made me want to think long and hard about what to do in the new house.

Options I’m considering:

Lutron Caseta, which I’ve had some good results with but I’m concerned that you can only have 1 extender hub and it’s a big house plus it seems to be just being sold by importers here rather than officially?

Dynalite - seems to have good HA integration.

CBUS - feels very 1980s.

Happy to invest for reliability and flexibility.

Any tips for me, please?

Shelly modules are great, can keep existing switch and lights. In australia regulation we need a sparky to install and need a neutral wire down to the switch (you can get a non neutral wire model but that a hassle installing a resistor bypass bridge etc)

Shelly Wifi Modules - Buy Shelly 1 Smart Home Automation WiFi Switch (ozsmartthings.com.au)

I got a few install, work flawlessly for years, integrate well into HA can work locally with its own IP address webUI no need to install the app or hub (you can install app and register for remote access if you choose to).

disclaimer: I am not associated with shelly or ozsmartthings

I second the recommendation on the Shelly devices. Purchased mine direct from the manufacturer in Slovakia late last year. I have no neutral lines running to my 7 light switches that I am using Shelly for and only had 1 light that I had to add the resistor bypass to. It was pretty simple to add. As long as the end load >10 watts no resistor bypass should be required. The ones I have installed are the Shelly Dimmer 2.

I’m favouring the wired route because of the hassles of wireless. In addition, if you put Shelly modules in then you have lights that look on that are off unless you replace all regular switches with push-button switches. I’ve been down that path with Z-Wave relays before.

Big +1 for Shelly’s, work well with dumb and smart bulbs. Solid connection, very responsive and great configuration options. Agree you need to go with push-button switches but given that’s what I already had wasn’t an issue for me.

No sure what you mean by this. The Shelly modules can be set up to work with toggle or push button switches. Toggle = on position → light on. Toggle in off position → light off.

Ok got what you mean, these are mode you can set with the shelly’s

“you have lights that look on that are off”

ahhhhh i get what it mean … when the physical rocker switch is in the ON position while the light is OFF. I cant see how can you ger around this without replacing all the switch, turn on the light “smartly” and rock the switch to the correct position as well.

The only way that can happen (if set to toggle switch, see below) is if you have two switches in circuit. And that will happen without smart modules installed.

Even this set up. Wall switch OFF… then use HA to turn on light… light will be on but the physical switch on wall if still off

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Ah, yes, I forgot about HA.

If ben going to be that OCD he have to replace all switch with push button :smile: personal i prefer rocker switch better because we have two state to program HA for other purpose/automation

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Like Ben having the rocker in the wrong position really annoyed me. I just recently replaced my 10% of switches which weren’t already push button. Much better :slight_smile:

Worth noting the type I have are toggle push button (might be incorrect term), but it means they show as a switch in HA. I have the shelly’s setup in detached mode if connected to smart bulbs or edge switch when connected to dumb bulbs.

I set up that way as well, detached switch on smart light to stop family members from cutting power to it at the wall switch. the only thing i use it as toggle mode is the heated towel rack since there are no visual way to see if it on or off.

depends on your budget - if you want a reliable system i’d go with either Dynalite, KNX or C-bus (with the modern zen switches) - These systems are rock solid and have great intergration if done properly - but are costly to install - and you won’t have issues with replacing old parts

TBH - i’m not a fan of using shelly’s/ z-wave systems - due to the lack of relaiblity when something goes wrong - especially 5 - 10 years down the track, are replacement parts going to be available, who will be able to fix it?