Which module for wall plugs?

I have a dynamic energy tariff and want to turn on dryer, washing machine or dishwasher when a defined price range is reached.

Is there a module that I can install behind the socket? Plug-in sockets are not really a solution because it should be tamper-proof."

There are many. Help us narrow it down a bit by telling us what sort fo networks you use. Zigbee, zwave, wifi?

What exactly do you mean by that?

Some smart sockets come with a child-lock (software) switch which disables the switch being turned on/off via the hardware button. Not sure whether it’s enough for you.

Isn’t washer, dryer and dishwasher by default tamper proof since usually the outlet is behind the device?


Often enough, and ideally, appliance outlets are “hidden” or readily inaccessible. But there are also enough situations where that’s not the case. And smart outlets come in different styles: ones that plug into a standard wall outlet, or a full replacement for a standard wall outlet unit. The integration of each type comes into play as well.

It shall not be possible to unplug the smart plug-in and use the dryer or wm.

You could always use an extension cord.
I believe the only option for you then is an in wall switch.
If there is not enough room behind the outlet then you could get a frame that extends the outlet from the wall.