Which motion sensor for outside?(will be used through HA to run hue bulbs)


Wanted to buy a motion sensor for the outside as per subject. The Philips Hue sensor is for indoor use, but I need one for outdoor.
Any recommendation, maybe zwave, other?

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I’ve done a lot of hunting for an outdoor zwave motion sensor. Haven’t really found one. I use the Monoprice motion sensor on a porch where it’s protected from the elements and it works OK, but it’s hard to place it so that you get good coverage of the motion area while keeping it out of the elements.

I’ve been using Aeotec get 5 multi sensors outside. I ended up running usb power to them, however, because I got tired of changing batteries. I really like them for the lux reporting for my light based automations.


It’s not exactly what you are looking for by I ended up using my SKYBELL HD Doorbell for motion sensing in the front of the house. Combined with IFTTT, it works pretty well to flash lights and do other things when detecting motion.

Not cost effective unless you are looking to also get a door camera.

Yeah - lately, I’ve been doing the same with my Arlo camera + IFTTT.

can you explain? Using a camera as motion sensor?

My need is the following.

I bought Osram Gardenspot for … the garden. It is conencted with Philips Hue Hub, and is working very well.
I do want that it turns on with motion sensor: sensor has to be outside. I live in a single house, I would need two sensors probably: for sure in outdoor entrance (I open the gate and/or a movement of a person and the sensor switch on) and maybe one in house door (I open the door to go out and the motions triggers).

Of course ideally a motion+light sensor. Or motion only, and would use HA programming with sun:

p.s. I have 2 guard dogs, wwill have to consider that too …

very interesting, will look into it. I do live in Europe though.

I would like to have video for the entrance door.

Other alternative that will work with HA?

A wifi camera with motion sensor would be enough. I already have a door bell, would prefer to keep it as is (don’t want to confuse the post man haha)

The Arlo cameras can trigger an IFTTT action on motion. I use that in conjunction with the Maker channel to trigger a script on my HASS.

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they are cool although expensive. Do I need to buy the hub, or can I just buy a camera?

Other good alternatives?

You need a hub. I got a kit with 2 cameras and a hub. They can work directly with some Netgear routers, but I found that my router performed a lot better when I used the hub.

I have the router R7000, what problems did you have (you have which netgear router)?

I had lots of issues with WiFi reliability. We kept getting kicked off WiFi and had to restart the router about once a day. That all went away when I started using the Arlo hub.

yes I read on forums. It’s no go.

I have a philips hub and 3 routers around the house, I have enough “hubs”, not going with the arlo one (also because veryy expensive).

Any alternative?


Did you come up with a final solution? I’m looking for just the same thing. I haven’t used open house before but I am a software developer and looking forward to getting stuck in.

I’m also a keen electronics hobbyist and there are WiFi modules that could be used for such a project. Hooked up with an outdoor PIR it could send http requests to wherever it needed to when activated. It’s a project I would like to prototype and wondered on your thoughts of an ideal way to power: mains or low voltage. My thought was mains cabling could be taken from existing lighting circuits more easily.

Nope, I will try a Xiaomi sensor. Its zigbee and the hub is inside the house not far aaway from outside location. Will see how it goes

There are a bunch of cheap outdoor PIR sensors online, presume these pull up a voltage signal that could be read by a nodeMCU or pi…



Anyway the xiaomi sensor is 11$ and it’s zigbee ready to use. Those you mention costs 10$ and you need to go through some hassle to make it work … if zigbee signal arrives it’s way cheaper and easier to do with xiaomi sensor

but how they communicate? I doubt you want to lay a cable from the pir sensor to the pin of the pi3.

Pls you need to bring it 240V, outside … way complicate for many installations