Which motor recommended for roller shutters?


I would like to add motors to my manual roller shutters.
Could you advice motor for it? I have ZigBee and MQTT devices at the moment. I can imagine more a 433mhz solution for it.

So I have around 10 roller shutters, and I don’t have any clue how can I choose the right motor. I mean which is working well with Hassio.


I use Soma smart blinds and soma-ctrl with MQTT.

A bit on the pricey side, relies on bluetooth and doesn’t work with Node 10.x, but it is reliable once set up and range hasn’t been an issue for me.

For 10 of them that’s a large chunk of change…

Depending how DIY you want to be

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Thanks, I would like to use the motors for this kind of roller shutters: https://www.google.com/search?q=roller+shutters&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiTwba526jjAhW3SBUIHSK5DFQQ_AUIECgB

I have some DIY things at home, so I opened for this too, but I need this style motors, and I have the hidden shutters, so I dont wanna see the motor.

I’m looking for this style motors which can communicate well with the hassio.

So these are outdoor shutters?

I have to chek the notifications from here :slight_smile:

Yes this will be on outside side of the window.

You could ask COJA blinds shop on Ali Express (1st link) if they sell something suitable. I’m happy with the seller and with the Dooya roller motor blinds I got from them.



Thanks, will check it right now :slight_smile: