Which one to buy ? ZigStar UZG vs SMLIGHT SLZB-06M

Hello everyone,

I am looking to move into home automation using home assistant, I have purchased two tuya zigbee devices (door sensor and presence sensor).

Now I am looking to integrate them with Homeassistant (installed on my RasperryPi 4B).

I searched for Zigbee co-ordinators and found these two, Zigstar uzg and SMLIGHT SLZB-06M. I liked these two because they offered ethernet connectivity as opposed to connecting it via usb to the Pi.

Apart from the price difference between the two (SMLIGHT is cheaper :slight_smile: ), which one is better in terms of ease of use ? Has anyone faced any difficulties or problems with these two over a period of time ?

I would really appreciate your help.

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What are you going to use: ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT ? If Zigbee2MQTT, definitely the Zigstar, if using ZHA, either will be good. There is also the SMLIGHT SLZB-06.

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I have two SLZB-06s (1 coordinator, 1 router) and love them. They have a straightforward UI and firmware is easy to flash.

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That is why I mentioned the SMLIGHT SLZB-06, it uses a TI chipset, the SMLIGHT SLZB-06M uses a silabs chipset.

Definitely!!! Exactly why I went with the SLZB-06 vs the M. I’ve had more success with the TI chipsets and read a lot of your posts. :grinning:

I had the Sonoff P and E, but finally settled on ethernet coordinator/routers.

I was thinking of using Zigbee2MQTT

Is the SMLIGHT SLZB-06 better than the M version ? I thought the M version is more newer ?

I would Prefer the SLZB-06 over the M.

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Thank you @francisp and @LiQuid_cOOled, Im going with the SLZB-06 :slight_smile:

Did you get one in the end?

I bought a SLZB-06 but it couldnt connect to my network. Contacted support and they gave me another one but still the same issue, it will never connect to the network.

I have a UZG-01 that works fine except it is P7 based and I wanted something with the P2 chipset for more stability and maybe separating my network in the future (1 have over 150 devices)

I am wondering if these SLZB-06 are just defective? Cant possibly be my network?

P7 now is at pretty good stage,update using MultiTool to this last firmware: Z-Stack_3.x.0 coordinator 20240315 feedback · Koenkk/Z-Stack-firmware · Discussion #496 · GitHub

I am still having the bug where the UZG-01 requires a full power cycle even with the latest firmware.

I had to do one this morning after the network being stable for the last 5 days, woke up to half my devices offline and nothing working.

Can you provide here a list for Tuya devices in your network?
also try to use MQTT option available in UZG-01 to restart automatically until Koenkk is solving the issues

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Sure @mercenaruss , let me do that on the Zigstar thread, makes more sense there