Which Power option to use for the Energy section?


I have multiple devices and they have different Power attributes.
Current Power
Daily Power
Today Power
Total Power
Monthly Power

Which Power attribute should I use for the Energy section? I guess it is either Current Power or Total Power. Maybe another one?

I guess Total Power. Difficult to say without more information.

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Also you can’t use power sensors with the energy dashboard, only energy sensor. So you need to cobvert it to energy first, e.g. with the integration integration.

Thank you. I guess, I was supposed to day Energy instead of Power. Which energy option should I use? Today, Total, Daily, or Monthly?

I was thinking about Total, but does it reset every day or will it continue collecting forever? I guess I do not completely understand how it works and what it collects.

What values do the attributes show? W or kWh? If it’s kWh (energy) then I’d say use the total one that collects total energy sonce inception.

Some show W when others show kWh. Here is one of examples:

Use the last one.