Which process is responsible for the "high" CPU load?

My HA is running on a PI4 4GB…my CPU utilization has always been around 10%. For no apparent reason, this is now between 30-40%.

What is the best way to find out which process is causing this CPU usage?

Glances is a great ADD-ON, but the CPU usage shown above under “USER” is around 30%, “SYSTEM” is around 10%.

How do I find out which process under “USER” is causing this?

The CPU usage under “CONTAINERS” is probably the one inside the container, so it says nothing about the actual CPU load.

The display under “TASKS” also doesn’t seem to break down the actual CPU usage.

Confusing! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

Hi, not sure if this will work for you but try ‘atop’ Atoptool.nl
This has helped me too to track processes triggered. during the night.
Added to that I measure docker processes via HA.