Which Raspberry should I use?


because the high prices, I dont know which raspperry i should get.

Can I use a PI4 with 2 GB RAM or is it too low for HA?

Thank you and greetings!

I ran with 2GB for a quite while and had no issues but it really depends on how advanced and large a setup you plan to have. 4BG would be safer.

IMO, with the high prices and supply issues with a Pi, a second hand NUC or equivalent makes more sense. I just picked up a second hand HP EliteDesk Mini PC with a 6th Gen i5 and 8GB ram for under £100. Horsepower and headroom for years to come!


I had a 3B+ (1GB RAM) laying around and made my homeassistant with it. For now it is running with no issues in docker

Raspberry Pi isn’t recommended because of recent high prices and limitations of the platform itself.

The big recommendation is a small business PC like an HP Elitedesk, you can find brand new ones better than a PI at half the price, and get an even better deal for a used one.

How powerful of a device you need depends on how much you want to use your HA for, but it never hurts to leave room to grow.