Which sensor to use with HA to measure light?

I want to trigger on low light to start lighting in the house. And I need something to measure the light.
I have a single zwave unit, which is the aeotec stick in the raspberry, so I would prefer something that is wifi based.
Any ideas on what to get?

Maybe something like this:

Wow, that is very cool. Though I don’t mind soldering, I have no knowledge about building circuits, so I need more of a cookbook instructions for that :slight_smile:

If you already have Philips Hue in your house, you could buy their motion sensor; it also detects light level. F.e. my outdoor light gets triggered by motion, only if it’s dark enough. You’ll have to add a custom component in order to use the sensor in Home Assistant, but this should work; see https://github.com/robmarkcole/Hue-sensors-HASS

Nope, got IKEA instead. But I found this one:

That is very interesting.
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i made this a week ago.
PIR and Light sensor work like a charm.
Im having problems with the DHT sensor giving inconsistent and inaccurate readings. Will look into it in case its bad jumpers.

Did you read about the tape-tinfoil-tape to Block radio disturbance of the PIR?
Let me know how it works, I’m still waiting for parts…

yes , i wrapped the PIR in tape-tinfoil-tape for that reason and it works fine.

Super easy with shelly add-on: https://www.shelly-support.eu/forum/index.php?thread/5830-fw-1-9-kompatibilitätsliste-add-on/&postID=66572#post66572

Hi Marius, this was some 3 years ago, so the issue is mute :slight_smile: at that point there wasn’t a good selection of multisensors. I’m using aqara zigbee light sensors now, very reliable, and cheap.