Which sensor to use with HA to measure light?

I want to trigger on low light to start lighting in the house. And I need something to measure the light.
I have a single zwave unit, which is the aeotec stick in the raspberry, so I would prefer something that is wifi based.
Any ideas on what to get?

Maybe something like this:

Wow, that is very cool. Though I don’t mind soldering, I have no knowledge about building circuits, so I need more of a cookbook instructions for that :slight_smile:

If you already have Philips Hue in your house, you could buy their motion sensor; it also detects light level. F.e. my outdoor light gets triggered by motion, only if it’s dark enough. You’ll have to add a custom component in order to use the sensor in Home Assistant, but this should work; see https://github.com/robmarkcole/Hue-sensors-HASS

Nope, got IKEA instead. But I found this one:

That is very interesting.
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i made this a week ago.
PIR and Light sensor work like a charm.
Im having problems with the DHT sensor giving inconsistent and inaccurate readings. Will look into it in case its bad jumpers.

Did you read about the tape-tinfoil-tape to Block radio disturbance of the PIR?
Let me know how it works, I’m still waiting for parts…

yes , i wrapped the PIR in tape-tinfoil-tape for that reason and it works fine.

Super easy with shelly add-on: https://www.shelly-support.eu/forum/index.php?thread/5830-fw-1-9-kompatibilitätsliste-add-on/&postID=66572#post66572

Hi Marius, this was some 3 years ago, so the issue is mute :slight_smile: at that point there wasn’t a good selection of multisensors. I’m using aqara zigbee light sensors now, very reliable, and cheap.

I have aqara sensors but the lux entity doesn’t seem reliable. Not sure how often it polls but wouldn’t be usable in automatons… maybe I’m doing something wrong

Well, my light sensors are somewhat stable. My motion sensors that also measure light are unreliable.