Which somfy IO hub to choose? (Velux vs Overkiz)

I have some Somfy IO blinds that I would like to control via HA. As there have been some significant changes in this ecosystem (new Overkiz API, etc.) and most threads on this topic are quite old, I am seeking for some advice on the best hub to choose in 2023.

The options I see are the following:

  • Velux KFL200 - seems to be the reliable choice with local API. however the device itself is already quite old
  • Somfy Connexoon IO - older device, but seems to support overkiz. currently online only, but once the overkiz developer API is implemented hopefully will work online
  • Somfy Tahoma Switch - seems to be the newest out of the bunch, but apparently wifi only and needs a separate ethernet adapter.

The price differences between the devices are negligible. I have no plans of getting additional somfy devices, so i don’t think I will control anything else than the 4 IO motors.
Also I am a bit concerned that the Overkiz developer API integrations takes already a long time and apparently its a bumpy road. So there is a change the API will never reach a working a state…(?)

Which one should I get to have a reliable and also futureproof solution?