Which Streaming Media Set Top Box Should I Use?

I’m pretty close to cutting the cord. My cable tv’s “introductory” rate is about to expire, and I’m going to be staring down the barrel of $60-80 more per month for less stuff. Sorry. Not going to happen. I just don’t watch that much TV anymore. I’ll probably maintain an HBO and Netflix subscription. Maybe I’ll add one of the cheaper streaming TV services like YouTube TV, if I am really struggling for new content.

I do like my Apple TV set top box - but it seems that it’s getting harder to integrate with it. If I need to jump ship to Roku or something else to provide the “app” channels, that’s fine. I would prefer a 4K option. My question is:

Does any one of these setup boxes have a tighter integration with Home Assistant than another? I would love to tell Alexa to “Watch HBO” or “Watch Netflix” and have the set top box fire up the right app. I’m really not looking for hack-y “right, right, down, enter” remote automations.