Which temperature sensor is recommended?

I am looking for a temperature sensor so I can check the room temperature and humidity.

Which brand and model would you recommend?

I’m looking for one which has:

  • accurate reading
  • good battery life
  • reliable
  • compatible with ZigBee via mqtt
  • not too expensive :grin:

My plan is to setup automation to turn on or off airco when the room temperature is X degree.

I have Xiaomi 's. Batteries lasted 2 years before I had to replace them.

I use the aqara. Very small and reliable. IN best case pair them at the place where they will be positioned

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Those are the latest I bought. Fine so far

Just out, didn’t try:

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are you happy with their accuracy ?

I bought 3 and it seems they work fine with HA, but I have no idea how to check if they are accurate :laughing:

I compared against digital thermometer which I have and the results were similar, so I think they’re accurate.

Did you use a gateway with them?

I use my Aqaras with deConz. That’s my “hub”.

Thank you!
Does this mean that you don’t need more hardware than the Raspi? As I understand this must run on a PC?

I run HA and deConz on a PC but I would think you could run both on a Raspi.
Yes, deConz will run on Pi.

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Thank you!
Great, now i’ve learned a lot.