Which version of Pi-hole in the community addon

Hi all!
Which version of Pi-hole is the community Pi-hole add on

This one

Does not show which pi hole version it is but I found out that is 3.3. So I wait for the latest, 4.0

Then you probably want to watch this thread.

Yea I know. Hopefully it will run on other hardware than rpi. Would not trust an sd card for a dns server

The add-on runs on all hardware supported by Hass.io. That includes: i386, amd64, aarch64 and armhf machines.

I thought so. I have a dedicated nuc. Overkill yes but it for me it is really the same with HA. I must be able to trust that my system works every day. Rpi and that group of computers were never meant to be used in “production”