Which version (packaging) to install

Hi all

excuse the “dumb” question, I got a Home Assistant running on a RPi3B.

It’s what I understand is the Supervisor and then docker images on top,

Whats the build called, HASSIO ? haos_rpi4-64-6.4.img ?

Whats the newest version available ?
I have the backup process in place, if I build a new RPI4B, can I restore this backup and have all settings and DB’s restored ?
(aka, if someone got onto my HA Pi and left a exploit behind, will it be back’d up and restored or not)


The above was the correct image and yes it’s called HASSIO. busy configuring, then to install all the add one’s again and then restore configuration files and databases.

No it isn’t. It is called Home Assistant OS.

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ok… thanks.