Which Wall Switches?

Hi there,

I own an KNX equipped home with a 1home KNX->Homekit integration. I recently upgraded to Home Assistant which I truly love.

We are now adding new rooms to our house. I do not plan to extend the KNX installation, as Shellys seem to be as reliable as KNX and are easier to program and integrate.

I am still looking for a solution for my new wall switches in the extended rooms. Inuse KNX wall switches in the rest of my home, which ks pretty versatile. Any idea about a very realiablw, non battery, non KNX switch?

I assume you are in Europe? Shelly does make wall switches and they are supported in Home Assistant through the Shelly Integration

Yes I am in Europe. I don‘t really like the quality and look of the shelly switches compared to my high quality KNX products.

Then use ‘in wall’ shellies with the switch of your choice. Since you are building, choose wall boxes deep enough.

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Why don’t you stay with your line of KNX wall switches? You could just program the buttons, status leds etc. to generic GAs and use them in HA automations without having to use KNX actuators and ETS bindings. Upside of this would be the very easy cabling to your switches and you get to use the same models of switches everywhere in your house.

Thanks for sour thoughts. Maybe I‘ll go with the KNX switches. But the added rooms are already existent and non-KNX. So I would have to at least run a KNX cable to the switches. Which is doable.

Shellys and other switches would also be a possibility I thought about. No need for new wiriing. I just think it‘s strange to activate scenes via normal wall switches.

Do you have any idea for a great switch, which is more a button than a switch?