Which Z-Wave Thermostat for radiator?

I’ll be moving to a house that have electric radiators and I would like to connect them to Home Assistant. To do so I would like to do a setup “thermostat in each room + actuators”.

The radiators are connected to a central X2D deltadore thermostat and from what I understand there is not simple integration to HA (I basically want to control the setpoint from HA and let the thermostat do the PID regulation it self).

I currently have a SRT321 thermostat and it does the job, but I have to change the battery every so often. I would like basically the same thermostat, but that would run on mains, so it reacts instanously to orders (for example for the open window-turn off heating scenario).

Ideally this would be a PID thermostat in ZWave (PID because the radiators have quite some inerty and ZWave because it is safe). Non PID would be a pity, and it looks like the SRT321 is the only ZWave thermonstat with PID!

I would not like to get a Wifi thermostat, I would like to keep all such devices on a separate network.

Any idea of any existing device ?