Which Zwave radio to use, Aeon ZW090 USB or Wink Hub 2

Weighing my options here on these two products, I haven’t any experience with the Aeon and own the Wink but within return policy. I have held on until I see if I could get a grasp of Home Assistant and do all things I would use the Wink Hub for. Now I am fairly confident that I could manage with a Zwave stick, but would like a more experienced opinion before ordering the Aeon USB.

My concern is due to my Hassio running in the basement and my Schlage lock on the first floor, and up unto my zwave lights on the second floor. The Wink hasn’t any problem with coverage in my house residing in the basement, so I am wondering if the same can be said of the ZW090. As well as reliability with home assistant and Schlage locks in this setup via the Aeon USB.

At half the price the USB stick seems a tempting way to go, if all things are equal.