Whirlpool AC Integration extra functions


id like to request the additional features from the official whirlpool mobileapp to add to HA Whirlpool integration such as:

  • Read the value of the Humidity sensor of the AC not just the Temperature value
  • Mode: Cooling, Fan only, Heating, 6th Sense
  • Fan: Off, Automatic, Low, Medium, High
  • Sleep: Off, Sleeep for Adults, Sleep for Elderly, Sleep for teens, Sleep for chidlren
  • Swing: on, off
  • Jet: on, off
  • Super silent: on, off
  • Dim: on, off

+ extra if possible:

  • Shcedule (not really important, since in home assistant we can create schedule via automation.)

Humidity sensor is already available as one of the attributes of the entity, it is just not displayed by the Climate card, but you can still use it and create a sensor card for it.