Whisper and the New Zealand accent

Maybe I’ve missed something, but is there any way to tune the engine to better understand other English accents? Certain words with my New Zealand accent are hard for Whisper to get right, eg if I ask “Turn on the Hall Light” it interprets that as “Turn on the whole light”. If I have it near a speaker and have Google Translate speak the same command then it gets it right every time.

Sorry, this just immediately came to mind.


My usual experience with new voice assistant/command platforms lol. My car is much the same, unfortunately. I often have to try put on an American or British accent

I’ve found it’s not great with an Aussie accent either. I switched to using the Google Cloud STT HACS addon and that works much better as you can specify dialect.

I kinda want to keep everything local so don’t really want to set something up that goes out to the cloud, ideally. For that, I still have a HomePod/Siri on my phone.