Whitelist with Sense energy monitor

I was reading in previous threads that you can whitelist/blacklist the sensors in Sense.

I was wondering how to do it. Below is my attempt.

email: XXXX
password: XXXX
- sensor.Dryer
- sensor.Dishwasher
- sensor.Washer

I got the error

Invalid config for [sense]: [whitelist] is an invalid option for [sense]. Check: sense->sense->whitelist. (See /config/configuration.yaml, line 39). Please check the docs at Sense - Home Assistant

Any help would be appreciated.

Did you read the error and follow the link?

whitelist is an invalid option for sense. Remove the whitelist part of your config.

Exactly, “whitelist” is not a configuration variable for the component as per the docs linked in the error. Curious as to what you were trying to achieve by whitelisting some components ?

Yes hence me explaining this is my attempt. Will removing the “whitelist” allow me to only monitor those sensors?

Performance improvements. As other posts have noted on this forum, monitoring everything cause performance issues.

Below is the comments about whitelisting, which led to my attempt to do so.


Based on this it sounds like I’d have to do the following:

email: XXXX
password: XXXX
– sensor.Fridge
hidden: true
– sensor.Freezer
hidden: true
– sensor.Microwave
hidden: true

There is nothing in that thread on how he configured the whitelist. You cannot just throw config options in and expect them to work.

This will not work. hidden: true is not an option for the sense platform.

Customize allows you to hide items.

This likely isn’t what you are after as this will just hide them, it may not stop the actual polling of the devices.

You likely need to contact the person that posted about a white list option.

@Literoya this thread is about a custom component, which was created before the official Sense platform added support for devices. I have not furthered development on the CC since then.

Anything you see in that thread is only going to apply to that manually installed Custom Component.

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@claytonjn ok thanks

I noticed this:

I am not well versed in githib statuses though. Is this something that is in the next release?

If you look at the bottom of that thread, it shows it was merged in 0.91.0 so it’s been there since April.

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