Who can explain me what do this code?

Hi, I copy paste this part of code I have in my sensor, it’s for turn on/off switch by time from slider number.
(the automation is working)

who can explain me what do this code line by line ?
and where can I learn the syntax of code syntax with simple example?

- platform: template
      value_template: '{{ states.input_number.timer_on_hours.state | int }}'
      value_template: '{{ states.input_number.timer_on_min.state | int }}'
      value_template: >-
       {{ states.sensor.timer_on_hour.state }}:
       {%- if states.sensor.timer_on_min.state|length == 1 -%}
       {%- endif -%}
         {{ states.sensor.timer_on_min.state }}

Formatting issues aside…

Line 1 defines that what follows is the configuration of some template sensors.

Line 2 is the key that contains the list of the template sensors you want to create.

Line 3 is the key defining the first template sensor

Line 4 is the template that defines the ‘reading’ for the first sensor - in this case the reading will mirror the value of an input number entity

Line 5 is the key defining the second template sensor

Line 6 is the template that defines the ‘reading’ for the second sensor - same as line 4 but mirrors a different entity

Line 7 is the key defining the third template sensor

Line 8 defines that the ‘reading’ for the third sensor is generated from the multiline template below

Line 9 prints the value of the first template sensor followed by a colon

Line 10 asks whether the value of the second sensor’s length is 1

Line 11 prints a zero if line 10s condition is true

Line 12 ends the condition from the two lines above

Line 13 prints the value of the second sensor

Thanks :slight_smile:
The line 10- checking the length to know if is inside a number, If it’s egual to 1, it assign zero to the value?

someting like :
if (lenght of my variable ==1 )
my variable=0
it’s correct ?

It adds a zero to the output string if the physical length of that sensor reading is only one character, so that if the time is 03:05 you get that as the output, rather than 03:5

Thanks :slight_smile: .