Who can make a custom component official for HA?

hey, i am using a custom component for my solar panels, its reading the power and other sensors

it is this file : https://www.dropbox.com/s/fmydc6xjaa5l5y6/sensor.py?dl=0

who can make it official? so i dont need it as a custom anymore?

I would think the first step would be to get it on GitHub, and don’t just share the file from Dropbox.

Secondly, talk to the developers. They are available on Discord, or you can open a request on GitHub to make an official component.

ok, will do that, i am not a developer, so not 100% sure how github is working :slight_smile:
but, thx i will go to discord

Good on you.

If you’re clever enough to figure out how to write a working component, then you’re clever enough to work out how to use git.

i didnt write it :slightly_smiling_face:
just using it for a about a half year now

Where did it come from then? The original developer might have it on GitHub already. I was under the assumption that you created this component.

It won’t do any good for you to put it on Github if you don’t code it or maintain it.

well, the platform comes from here :

the custom component file is a file created by this user :

but its ofline, thats why i shared a dropbox link :slight_smile:

so all is working, but i have no idea how github works , or how i can create a PR
thats why i was asking for it here
should be quite easy todo i think


Talk to the guy that created the fork for it to work with HA. He should be the one to create the PR and get it implemented

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oh ok
will do

When i have some time i will make an official PR.
But, i have made a PR at the owner of the pikopy
Zo he can upload it to Pypi

cool thnx for sharing