Who has experience with fingerprint scanner on the door lock

The little guy is growing up and soon needs to be able to unlock the door on his own. Keys or tags he will definately lose the first day :grinning: and the current app based lock is a no starter without a smart phone. PIN is also questionable if he will remember.

There are locks with fingerprint scanners out there, that would work for him. But how does it work in practice? My laptop fails to recognize my fingerprint more often than it succeeds and of course there has been many security scares about finger print scanners being fooled easily.

Maybe it is just my references being really old, is the situation good today? Or are there better solutions we haven’t considered?

What lock?

Sorry if I was unclear. I am interested in getting a new lock and looking for experiences with one using fingerprint authentication.

For instance Nimly touch pro or Habo Tribe 2.

Never heard of either, and there doesn’t seem to be an integration for nimly or habo.

There are however 49 lock integrations.

Nimly would be integrated as a generic zigbee lock.

But what I wanted to know is what other people are using and if they are happy with the fingerprint part of it.

I had a Kaadas push-pull door lock with fingerprint sensor for several years and this came with a Z-Wave module. I recently removed it due to poor performance and complaints from the family. I wrote a more detailed post mortem if you are interested.

Now I installed an Aqara A100 door lock which is much more intuitive. The fingerprint sensor performs very well and is right on the door handle where you put your thumb anyway. A general issue with fingerprint sensors is that they assume a certain finger size and in my experience don’t always work well with small fingers. For example, this door lock works very reliably for my 14-year-old, but not so much for my 5-year-old - we were able to add his fingerprint, but recognition only works well if he presses the thumb accurately at the centre of the sensor. He is fine with that and just tries 2-3 times, and I hope reliability increases with age and finger size.
Other than that, the A100 comes with Zigbee and Bluetooth, and it works well with Homekit, however, it doesn’t work with non-Aqara Zigbee hubs, and there is no Bluetooth integration into HA.
So, in summary, the Aqara A100 works well including its fingerprint sensor, but no HA integration in sight.

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Thank you.

Too bad with the Aqara, it seems a bit hit or miss with them. Have some things from them that works and some that just behaves weird.

When i changed my front door guy who installed it said that fingerprint is a bad idea for houses with children - at best you must re-learn fingers of child(s) every few months, when they become unreadable. Children grow, their fingers grow, too - and become unreadable.
But, for any decent finger recognition a GOOD (read expensive) lock is a must, or you’ll gain nothing but problems. In my case a good quality fingerprint system would be in the range of 500€ (no need to say that i chose old-fashioned key).

and of course there has been many security scares about finger print scanners being fooled easily.

heh…don’t worry, 90% of burglars don’t break-in through front door, but through a window, back door… Burglars aren’t dumb… they know that front door are usually extra strong, anti-burglar built etc… it’s not worthed to waste time with that. A quick punch on the window glass, a good bump into backdoor and you’re in…

Hehe, for sure. We have a glass door at the back and that is no issue for the insurace company. But the front door lock must be tested according to security class X

That is like, when Apple said Macs could not get malware, but in fact the market share they had was just too low for it to profitable for malware makers.
Once they market share rose so did the amount of malware.

Even though 90% of burglars today do not go through the front door, it is still 10% that does and if they find an easy way through the front door with just a computer or mobile phone, then that is the one they will take.
It might require a bit of an electronic geek to come up with the gear for it, but here in Europe many there are borders to many poorer countries from the old east block with highly skilled and educated people that can earn much more by developing such gear to be used to burgle Europe than what can be earned in the few jobs available otherwise.
These highly skilled people have already made front for ATM to scan creditcards, scanners that can credit cards when passing by them and so on.

Well, you should also ask yourself WHY would anyone break into your house - do you have anything of high value inside which is commonly known? Random breaks are not that often, usually thiefs pick a house which is worthed and they tend to observe it before…as goes for “randomthiefs” goes, they won’t bother with fingerprint lock, but, as sais,they’ll grab nearest rock and throw it into nearest window. So, next step is breakproof foil on glasses…
But, i agree, it’s not an excuse to make your house as secure as possible…
Personally, i’d go away from fingerprints for house entrance. Too expensive, too unreliable… and you still have to have a key with you always… power can go out, battery can go dead…