Who is living in the neighbourhood of Alkmaar, Holland?

Who is living in the neighbourhood of Alkmaar, Holland?
And is willing to come by for a night to help me startup better?
I just started half a week ago and do have a lot of questions.
Coffee and a beer is available.

Please send a PM

Not really nearby, good 40-50 min drive. what exactly are you trying to achieve? Or what are the issues you’re running into?

Based on that, people can decide on whether they have the required knowledge to help you out if they’d like to come by your place.

Thank you for your reaction.
thats a long drive indeed.

I just started to migrate from a Homey to HA.
In principle I do like to copy al flows from Homey to HA (that’s a lot of flows :crazy_face: )

I’m using a Raspberry Pi 4B 4Gb and a zigbee deCONS usb and zwave.me usb.
I do have the basics running and did make already some ques in node-RED.and pairing some Zwave and Zigbee devices.
I also do have TTS to my google home running (nice option)

My first impression is that HA is much faster handling actions compared to Homey.
You need less flows then Homey
Zigbee and Zwave is much stronger signall
So that’s nice to recognize.

Now I do try to make push notifications to Telegram. Not succeeded so far. see:

I also try to figure out using vars in que’s.

I did make a “wish list” to what to do:

Nog uit te zoeken:

  • Variabelen gebruiken incluisef boolean (slapen, daan slapen, vuilnisbak kleur, aantal aanwezigen, etc)
  • push notificaties
  • werken met ip camera’s en foto’s versturen
  • aanwezigheidscontrole + Geofencing
  • IR afhandelen tv
  • RGBW schakelaar gebruiken (transitie voor nabootsen zonsopkomst en ondergang met witte LED’s gekoppeld)
  • IKEA dim en kleur instellen
  • gebruik Remotec
  • Vervanger LEDring Homey bedenken → Hue lamp?

So a lot to figure out.