Who knows "de code" of font-color used on the history page for the table?

Hey! I’m “updating” my theme. Who knows the “code” of font-color used on the history page? So something like rgb-secondary-text-color: (114, 114, 114) for example
I want to adjust the standard-gray font but I can’t figure out the codeline for this page to use in my theme.


You can use something like

  primary-text-color: #383A42
  secondary-text-color: #383A42
  text-primary-color: #1E2127
  disabled-text-color: #5C6370

I use these values in my personal theme. But these are not from the table.

In they end I build my own theme around this problem. So the table-color is now leading in my design haha oh :man_facepalming:

Could you explain more? Were you able to adjust the colors of the axis? If so, how?


Any news…?? i’m interest too…

Thanks a lot

Nope. It seems impossible. But i’m just a user, not an expert.