Whole House Audio questions

So i am in the process of building a new house and want to do some ceiling speakers but am trying to figure out the best solution.

I want to put speakers in a few select rooms like living, bedroom, kitchen and have the ability to stream spotify to them. However i also want to be able to play the TV in the bedroom or living room over the speakers in that room. not quite sure how to accomplish this. I am already invested in the sonos brand, however with the corporate shenanigans that they were pulling with the older generation of equipment I am not sure i want to invest much more money into that.

So i am looking for something that can accomplish everything above, but also have HA integrations. Playing notifications over the speakers when events happen or do automations where i enter a room and the speakers turn on and start playing based on motion. I would prefer this be a hard wired ceiling speaker system and am open to running the wire. I already am running security for hard wired sensors and network all over the home.

Anyone have any recommendations or advice?

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I have the Monoprice Amp with 6 zones. The Amp sits in the basement and I pulled Speaker and Cat5 cable during my Reno. What is nice about this solution is the keypads I mounted in each of the rooms and the ability to control this using HA. The HA integration supports the same functions as the Keypads (Source, Volume, On/Off). I have several audio inputs but the main one is Chromecast Audio with I use it to cast music from Google Home. Some of the automations include automatically turning on a zone when music is playing on the streaming device. Google Home have integration to Spotify but I am using it for SiriusXM and TuneIn. In my use case I just tell Google what music to play. But I also know Volumino has a Spotify plugin and it is also integrated to HA.