Whole system is unavailable until I won't apply a core update


I’m having some issues with my Home Assistant Green.

Almost every time a Core Update is released and I don’t apply it, after a couple of days all my devices become unavailable.

I recently purchased HA Green to replace my Philips Hue system, and I don’t really have many automations and devices. A couple of smart buttons, a dozen of smart bulbs, and a couple of smart switches.
I use Zigbee and Z-Wave dongles and no HACS, no plugins etc - very basic setup.
Now almost every time, the Core update is released and I won’t apply it, within a couple of days all my devices stop working. Smart buttons won’t work, virtual buttons won’t work, devices in the dashboard become unavailable etc.
When I make the update, everything goes back to normal and I can operate my devices normally.
I think, but I can’t be sure, that this all started to happen around the huge update that happened a few months ago - I’m sorry I can’t remember what it was, but there was big fuss about it :slight_smile: - I think a release somewhere close around the one when HA changed the login screen - sorry if it is vague, I’m trying to put there all the information I have.

How can find out what’s the reason behind this, as I understand it is not normal. There are some errors in the logs, but nothing that I see suggesting what’s broken.
I took screenshots the day the system stopped working - I believe the Core update was available for ~3 days, so logs showing no date (as today’s logs) were logged since the system failure.

Please help me out.

Updates available

Devices unabailable


Those are not logs , but Cut screenshots, which doesn’t say much ( Could look like connection Errors )
Please read below.
How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question.

And try to figure out how you should provide, LOGS which tell something more, than just the Header :wink:

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We don’t need logs from before the update.

We need logs to diagnose the ‘unavailable’

Right now you only have one symptom. Things become unavailable. You did install a. 2004.3.x release and after random times stuff drops.

The timing of the updates becimg Available are quite likely a red herring due to convenient timing. Very little actually happens to the system after it checks for updates.

More likely is increased memory load, some kind of race condition, or memory leak issue is setting you up for a slow burn crash that happens when you’re not around. The only way to know is logs.

If you care to troubleshoot that, this link from the cookbook tells you how to grab logs from before a restart: How to get to your log after restart/restore

What is your own conclusion ?
And have you looked into/fixed anything of what is stated in clear text in that logsnippet ?