Who's turn is it to empty the dishwasher

I’ve been looking all over the inter webs for a viable solution but can’t find it. Here goes:

I want to identify the Person whose turn it is to do certain shores around the house. Prime example, as stated in the title, is whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher.


On my dashboard, I have each person, their icon and their location (home, school, etc). I would like to have a button or an automation (that part I can figure out) that the person can action when done and it would then choose the next person on the list (dad, then mom, then kid1, then kid 2). You apparently can’t create a Group with Person and I don’t think this is the right approach either. I was thinking of a Helper List but haven’t figure it out yet. Any suggestions on how to “person next on the list”?

How about creating an input_select helper with all the names.

You can then use the input_select.select_next service within an automation as described here:

The trigger to select the next name in the list could either be a button as you suggest or else from a smart plug that detects when the dishwasher has stopped.

Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll to try that out!