Whta is wrong that my HA does not start on my Raspbeery PI4B

I have made a picture of the screen

And what happens when you put into a web browser on your local network?

Nothing happened,
I want to explain how I came to this SD/SSD first time via Etcher, second time via Raspberry PI Imager v1.7.3 and then choosing " other specific-purpose OS " then " Home assistant and home automation " further " Home assistant " finally " Home assistant OS 9.3 ( RPI 4/400 ".
If I use a fast SD card or SSD always same result as the picture shown in my starting question.

so it seems that home assistant is up and running but there might be some kind of networking issue. @ NathanCu asked what happens when you visit … Try from a phone on the same wifi and another device thats also on the same network

Thanks. I think now reading more about HA, the result you saw in the picture is what you see after a couple of mintues, so I read downloading HA takes about 20 mintues, so it looks like he is not really downloading HA OS and waiting on something? I have a fast internet, but even then it would take more then a couple of minutes. Yesterday I followed a " you tube " instruction from Simon 42 : : " Home Assistant auf Raspberry Pi installieren (2022) - YouTube " and again the same picture on the screen.He does the installon the Windows 11 PC with using the Raspberry Imager for Windows and flashes so the starting HA SD, after this putting the SD in the Raspberry PI 4 B 4GB. Do you have a possible idea of what goes wrong ? Could it be the hardware, but it is a very new one from one week ago out of a total package, since no separate is available currently, so with keyboard, mouse, power supply and HDMI cables.