Why are add-ons not starting and are greyed in the view?

Restored from a backup and now updated to 2024.4.0 and add-ons are not starting.


I noticed the text “starting ESP-Home” flashing by at startup and now after home assistnat started I still get:


I have also tried to restart but it doesn’t help

Restart HA won’t help. Power off your machine and start it again.


Allright. I’ll try that.

Strange thing is that now I can run automations that is in node red even though it’s not started.

After a backup restore Supervisor is confused about the state of the add-ons, and restarting HA does not help, because HA is not Supervisor.

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Thank you!

You can also go to where you would normally restart Home Assistant and instead click on Advanced Options and click Reboot system.


Clicking this will restart home assistant, all add-ons, as well as supervisor.