Why are email summaries from the forum disabled

I noticed in my email that some time in 2021 I stopped receiving ‘summary’ emails from the Home Assistant forum.
I’m guessing the Discourse configuration changed? I’m curious why.
On manjaro’s forums they still have this option in the settings:

But in HA forums settings it’s gone:

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You were last emailed one day ago. Did you receive that?

You would have to not visit the forum for a month for a summary to be sent according to your settings above.

I did yeah. So receiving an email from the forum about a new post on a subscribed topic also counts. (so because I receive those pretty much every week atleast once, I wouldn’t receive the summary? regardless of me visting the actual forum?)

That’s the thing though, I posted two screenshots and the HA forum screenshot doesn’t even show the summary option at all

Sorry, I was looking at the wrong screenshot.

Indeed it looks like that feature has been disabled.

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Could you ask internally why this was disabled. I kinda didn’t notice it go away, but in hindsight it was really nice to get a quick glance of what happened on the forum.

(Kinda wish it sent it even if you’ve been on the forums recently. It’s just nice to see an overview like that)