Why are GUI items changed without consulting the community

The “unavailable” and “disarmed” buttons are so similar you cannot distinguish at a glance. You need to stop, read and interpret. Who else prefers the distinct GRAY for unavailable, GREEN for armed and Red for disarmed?

This has already been fixed in 2022.12.5. And by fixed I mean red for armed and green for disarmed, as it has always been.

If that is the version you are running, clear your web browser cache.

If you want different you can theme it yourself. See here: 2022.12 Color states are broken/unusable

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Beta Team is open to anyone in “the community”… The UX Devs Discord is public…

At this point, there are thousands of integrations, probably a hundred dashboard cards, and many additional custom UI elements, and innumerable custom themes…

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