Why can hassio not be installed directly on osx

Hi All, I am currently running HA (not hassio) on an Odroid with armbian, but would like to run it from my mac mini using osx.

However, I understand it is not possible/desired to install directly on OSX? Even though Docker is available on OSX. I am running various containers already (e.g. influx and grafana for graphing HA data) and would like to add Hassio.

From what I read, it requires a virtual machine running linux to be installed on top of osx, and within that vm install hassio. But why is that?

Why not just run the home assistant docker container?

Yeah, I want to do that if hassio does not work., but I wanted to see what hassio is all about and the convenience of the add-ons is appealing although I believe those are all separate containers right, so maybe possible to use those with regular home assistant container?

add-ons are nothing more than preconfigured Docker images that work together with Home Assistant. There isn’t really anything that hassio does that you can’t mimic yourself with straight Docker.

Hass.io is basically docker with easily-installable containers (distributed as addons). If you need a management GUI, then try out Portainer. It works great (can confirm that since I’ve used it before).

I run my entire stack managed by docker compose and Portainer

I used to run hass on an old Mac Mini but frustrated by the lack of support because linux/python aren’t my things, moved over to a Pi to solve that and almost immediately Hassio came out and I haven’t looked back, so easy for the harder of thinking and have forgotten nearly everything I learnt fighting with it in Terminal trying to add a few extras that are little more than a couple of clicks and a few preferences away with hassio add-ons.

Have recently been thinking it would be good to go back to the Mac as it is so much faster and I have more faith in a hard disk than SD cards but only if I could get exactly the same hassio experience on it.

in my case, I have been running on odroid c2 with armbian, which can be a bit of a struggle so I don’t mind giving osx a try :slight_smile: The odroid is getting really slow on occassions…

One issue you will run into is that home assistant requires docker host networking but as far as I know that’s not yet supported on docker for Mac; meaning, you’ll need to forward ports to the container and uPNP discovery probably won’t work well/at all.

Have you tried Hassio on the Pi running off a HDD instead of an SD card? That should be possible.

No, if I stick with the pi I’ll keep it basic.

I’m running directly on Mac os x and everything works great.

You’re running HASSIO or Home Assistant? There is a difference, believe it or not, even though the documentation loves to hide it from everyone. :wink:

A massive one :smile:

Running directly on Mac OS X, no hass.io

Which is not the topic of discussion…

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Ok Moe Moe.

If you look at the generic Linux install, are you able to install the prereqs on OS X? If so it might be possible to run hassio using the generic Linux installer?

HASSIO…the OP states it is not possible to install HASSIO directly on OSX.

yeah, that was what I meant with the question: installing hassio on docker for osx (as opposed to installing a VM with docker on it in osx.

On the topic of host networking not supported, thats right, but I really don’t find it a problem to add the ports section in my docker-compose file to forward specific ports to specific containers.