Why can I see three Home Connect icons when I view a device?

See on the left. I only have one entry under Integrations, but when I view a particular device I see three?

You most likely have multiple Home Connect instances in your integration page, but they are combined into 1 panel.

Thanks - do you mean like this?

The second one has a duplicate of the “Top Oven” and the third one shows the devices but lists no entities at all?

Is this a “problem”? Or does it look like a “feature” of the Home Connect Integration? :wink:

I have no idea, I don’t use that nore do I know how you set it up originally.

That happened to me to a few weeks ago.
I believe it was when I updated and it duplicated itself.
Just delete the ones that is not correct. Make sure you don’t delete one that is working, Home Connect is rather painful to set up again.

Oooh - thanks. I deleted the two entries with no entities. Looks OK now :smiley: