Why can you not scroll the map card around without it zooming back out or in on you?

So I use the map card…not the map in the sidebar, but the lovelace card.
I also use the history of location.
Sometimes I want to see where someone else I track is or look back at where I was today.

So if I zoom in or out and start scrolling the map around it will auto update after a few seconds and zoom back to fit all of the people tracked back into the card. This happens after it takes me a few seconds to get the map where I can just start to read it. I don’t know if it does this based on updates from device trackers or what, but it sure would be nice to be able to have some time to scroll around on the card if it has been interacted with before it zooms back to fit all tracked devices on the map again.

I believe this happens with every device tracker location update.

I was guessing that might be what caused it. Ok is there a way to show the history in the other map…the one in the sidebar? This one doesn’t move when updates come in. Although maybe it would act the same if it did show the location history.
I just figure that this would be easier than trying to pause updates while one is moving the map around.
Ideally this would be the way I would like to see it happen…pause updating while the map card is being moved around for a user configurable amount of time and then update again after that time has passed. I’m no programmer though so I have no clue how feasible this would be.

Has this been looked into anymore? Would a timer function to disable the trackers for x amount of minutes be the best way to combat this?