Why can you only adjust SOME statistics? Is there no other way to remove bad data besides learning a whole new programming language?

My scale read me a bad weight and messed up my data. It is turning to an unbelievably complex problem to fix. Some statistics have a button marked “adjust” in Developer Tools - Statistics, but this statistic and others do not.

Is there no alternative besides learning SQL to fix this?

There are visual sql tools, like sql web - there is an addon for it.

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SQLWeb is not, in any sense, a user-friendly program even for Home Assistant users.

Yeah well you’ll have to know something about sql.

Nick, do you know why some of the sensors let me adjust the data but others do not? Can I set all of them to be adjustable?

I’d need to do a deep dive to find out. So I don’t know sorry.

Pretty sure it was designed to only adjust totals. So sensors with the state class total_increasing or total, not measurement. It was designed as an easy(er) way to fix problems with the energy dashboard not as a general purpose long term statistics editor.

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