Why can't I add a Homeassistant scene to Homekit as a scene?

It would be excellent if Homeassistant could add a scene to Homekit as a Homekit scene, similar to how a Philips Hue scene is added to Homekit. This results in the scene being easily activated by voice, and would of course appear as a scene inside Homekit rather than a switch, which is not what a user would expect to see.

Would be great, but is that not just something that could be added in HomeKit Controller?

Yes but saves having to maintain two separate scene lists and HA can become the primary scene creator.

I too would love to have this. Is there any workaround that someone has come across, so that we can use Home Assistant as the scene source, managing and maintaining everything there and then expose/push selected HA scenes into HomeKit to trigger via Siri?

This isn’t the best solution but would think you could have dummy switches exposed to HK that you could link to turning scenes on/off in HA.

Or maybe I would write it where toggling on the dummy switch activates the scene and toggling it off doesn’t do anything. Then have a HA automation that toggles off the dummy switch X amount of minutes after turning it on so that it’s ready next time you want to use HK to turn it on.

Something like that. I spent way too long trying to set up all my scenes on both platforms until I realized HA just works better for me. Now I use HK as a front end but all the action is behind the scenes.