Why can't I add Doorbird, i dont know what i'm doing wrong

I’ve been trying to do http://(ip)/bha-api/video.cgi?http-user=[user]&http-password=[password], and i am new to this so i have no idea what i an doing wrong. can someone please tell me? thanks.

This doesn’t look like part of the doorbird configuration, are you trying to use the stream component?

oh forgot to mention, I want to use it as just a camera because i dont have a token or digital passport

Without the username/password combo you can’t get the camera images.

I have the user name and password, actually. I just didn’t install it, the people who built our gate at the front of our property installed it. They no longer have the box as far as I am aware
I do have the user and pass and I currently use the HTML widget and the app
The doorbird integration requires the token. Do you know a way around? Or a way to retrieve the token thanks.

Try doorbird support. They may be able to help you reset and get a fresh setup sheet.

They charge $80 but I guess that’s my only choice