Why can't I easily pick items for a room?

Reasonably new to ha, I’m just trying to add things to the correct room. Unless I am missing something you have to go to the device and add it to the room.

Why can’t I just edit the room and pick the items?
Sorry if I have just missed existing functionality.

Definitely agree. On the Areas pages there should be a button to add new devices, which would open a dialog allowing you to easily multi-select any devices that do not currently belong to an area. Ideally this would have search too.

Mockup I did previously:

Some other ideas have already been discussed / mocked up too, we know this is something that needs improvement.


Additionally: you can only add devices, I have allot entities at the moment, that are not a device, so either you should be able to add entities to area’s as well or be able to create devices and add those entities to them, so you can add them to an area.


I very much agree with this. For people that have a KNX home bus and want to use HA to automate and visualize it, having only KNX bus entities (e.g. temperature sensors or light actuators) means there is no option currently to use rooms to group them.