Why can't the location settings Zone toggle be toggled

Had track_ios: false in yaml customize since forever on several (UI based) zones.

trying to get rid of as many customizations as possible (and considering there is a toggle in the IOS app on those Zones in Location settings, so I should not need to do so in customize), I deleted those track_ios and restarted.

Only to find those zones are now all tracked, and the previously set customizations are not in the App.

more problematic however, is that I can see the toggle, but can not toggle it, as it is greyed

I don’t understand why that would be, as Ive enabled all possible options, and set no privacy limitations in the app

I did set some of these Zones to be passive in the Zone editor, but that isnt the same thing (or so I believe)…

In the Zone editor I cant find a ny option that would prevent me from toggling this in the iOS app either, so I am really in limbo on this matter…

Most intriguingly there is this at the complete bottom from that Location settings view in the app:

which makes me wonder if we should in fact be able to toggle at all?? isnt this just a visual display of the default (true) and customized (false) for the track_ios ??

Please have a look?