Why did I install via venv all those years ago?

A lone time ago I started using home assistant in a Python venv because of some things I wanted to change/do that you couldn’t when using home assistant os or the docker image.

Now my family and I are reliant on some of the automations I’m looking to move to a less me managed setup, but I can’t remember all the reasons why I didn’t before.
Some of the things I can remember are

DNS settings can’t be changed (DNS is heavily filtered on my network).

Conecting SSH to other machine to run commands.

Pulling via sftp my lets encrypt certificate from opnsense.

I also have a curl command that scrapes and filters a website and publishes to mqtt (I could move that to a different box if that’s needed)

Any help with extras people can think of that OS can’t do but a full Debian venv can…