Why do not different webpages show in the same size on my tablet?

I have some webpages in frames in Home Assistat on the tablet for my boat, SignalK (plotter interface software), Node-RED and J.River Media Center (to chose from my heavy metal and album of the day when out fishing). The app I use is Wall Panel, but that uses the regular Android web page view, which is based on Chrome, I believe. Node-RED uses the full height of my tablet, the two others do not. The tablet is an old Lenovo Tab 2 with 1280x800 pixels, and I use it in portrait mode. This is what it looks like on the tablet:

The same pages are even worse on my phone:

The phone is an OnePlus 12 with 1440x3168 pixels.
I have tried different aspect ratios, but that does not help. Can anybody please give me a pointer to what I should do to get them to use the full height of the devices?

Edit: I have experimented with the aspect ratio setting, and this is the best I can get from that.

Make sure that your Google Webview component is up to date.

It is, both on th e two weeks old phone and the 6 year old tablets.

I have no clue what is happening there, but I would try to play with the layout of the dashboard maybe.
Try a panel maybe.