Why do the weather integrations suck

Please tell me if im wrong here but I’ve tried and have installed about 3 different weather integrations installed and Weather.com website and others still have clear plain information that is easy to digest, hour by hour forecast. None of the integrations seem to have the entities that go very deep.

Here’s the info im looking for:

  • hour by hour UV index forecast for the day.
  • will it rain today? When? How long? How much?

I live in Florida so it’s always going to rain in the summer but knowing the forecast for my morning briefing would help. Again Weather.com has all this info laid out nicely.

Here in Australia we have a government weather bureau - the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) - and a great HACs add-on that pulls forecast data from their API.

I know you have the National Weather Service in the US - and they have a fairly comprehensive API. Have you thought about pulling data off their using RESTful API and then displaying it with say the Platinum Weather Card (available in HACs)? Or is that still not detailed enough?

Thanks, NWS does have an hourly temp forecast but doesn’t really have much of the info im looking for.
A combination of AccuWeather, OpenWeather and OpenUV gets me some of the info im looking for.

It would be sweet to get a morning briefing, similar to this:

Good Morning,
Todays forecast will see a high of 91, however rain is forecast starting at 3pm and will rain for more than an hour.
The UV Index will be high starting at 1pm today so apply sunblock if your mowing the lawn today.

Something like that. I’m pretty sure i can craft some IF statements to get that output if i had the data.