Why does HA fade out transition break the native fade in effect in the bulb?

EDIT: this is no longer something I care about. It probably has to do with limitations in the IKEA bulbs, where it struggles with operating brightness, temperature and transitions all at once. I found great help in this blog by Wouter Bulten: Setting color temperature and brightness of IKEA Tradfri lights simultaneously with Home Assistant

I have this weird and frustrating situation, and it requires a little explaining:

IKEA GU 10 variable white bulbs, controlled via conbee II and zigbee2mqtt. I use Node-RED, but the native automation gives the same result. I also use Adaptive lighting, but that does not affect the problem.

The bulbs have a native soft on/off function, a fade of about one second, which I like.

The problem: I create a light.turn_off automation, and add a nice transtition to this. This works properly.
But, the next time the light is turned on, it skips the soft fade in, and goes directly on.

I could make a transition to the light.turn_on command, which works, but that is unreliable in other ways.

I can’t understant why this is happening, or where. Any problemsolving hints or ideas are appreciated!

This simple Node red flow is what I need to trigger the problem: