Why does HA OS Suck so bad

Get everything running perfectly, over 2 years worth of grief and its all working… get home this evening, latest update of the core is available 2022.5, hit update, and the whole system * the bed, three power on/off resets to get it just to boot…, FFS does anyone test this before its release, why, in all thats *, does a simple update * away 2 years of pain getting this platform working.

I update, i read breaking changes, I’ve lost count how many times I’ve had to refactor just to maintain the same functionality, and with one click it all comes crashing down.

Thats it, I’m done, just like I was with windows 20 years ago… worst open source project ever…


"Why does HA OS Suck so bad"… It doesn’t.

You would be in the bottom 1% of the bottom 1% that has so much of an issue and I would almost guarantee that it’s not HA that’s causing your problems.

No need to announce your departure.


Locking as this is flounce not a request for help.