Why does the generic camera not work with this URL?

Hi all!! I need help. I want to put this URL image into my configuration but it doesn´t work. I have tried the same as other images I have but nothing:

  - platform: generic
    still_image_url: https://my.meteoblue.com/visimage/meteogram_web_hd?look=KILOMETER_PER_HOUR%2CCELSIUS%2CMILLIMETER&apikey=5838a18e295d&temperature=C&windspeed=kmh&precipitationamount=mm&winddirection=3char&city=Sevilla&iso2=es&lat=37.382801&lon=-5.973170&asl=16&tz=Europe%2FMadrid&lang=es&sig=8499e593de98aff7660828b162489ae7
    name: Previsión 5 días
    content_type: 'image/png'

And with this too:

content_type: 'image/svg+xml'

What´s the problem in this URL? Does anyone know? Thanks for your time.

I have tried on the iframe panel and it works, why there?