Why does ZHA lie to me? (Visualization issues)

I have a recurring problem wherein every once in a while ZHA will “lose” three of my tradfri lights. The lights are all in the same fixture and are set to all be in the same ZHA group on the coordinator.

I have a peanut plug near the lights and they always show that they have “green” connection paths in the visualization panel but I still lose the devices.

I don’t know the root cause of the devices dropping (and I would like to figure that out) but one thing I’ve noticed is that the ZHA visualization is showing that the three lights are still connected and are working but home assistant isn’t showing them as being connected at all.

I’ve restarted my coordinator and HA and I still see the lights are part of the visualization.

Why does this happen? Is there a way to force the visualization to update so it’s accurate? Perhaps it’s an indication of a larger issues on my ZIgbee network?

most likely. The visualization is generally just a guide and not really good for realtme. I dont even bother looking at mmine until AFTER I have issues show up and even then - it’s a tool in a toolbox.
What you’re describing is generally a signal or interference issue somewhere along the line.

Mind sharing a screenshot?, Model numbers on the tradfris and the zigbee coordinator stick? How far is the peanut from the coordinator, is it working as designed?

Sure, what did you want a screenshot of?

This is mine. I rarly take it seriously anymore. All of those showing not connected are working fine.