Why doesn't homeassistant.update_entity update the entity?

Sometimes an entity just won’t update at all.

Right now I’m watching a YouTube video and the media_position is stuck at 4 seconds.
If I pause the video it gets updated, but if I use the homeassistant.update_entity service nothing happens.

Is this service limited to some entity types or what?

It would be nice to actually have that feature ‘update entity’.
Or is there something I have missed?

Depends on the device. The device may only push a state out. In those cases, update wouldn’t do anything because we can’t request info.

I see…
The odd thing is that it seems rather random.
I forgot to mention but it’s a Chromecast.
Sometimes it updates every 15 seconds. Sometimes it’s less and not the same interval each time.
And now it didn’t update once during the 12 minutes I watched the video.
Same Chromecast different play services though.

I can’t really say much about that. I just know update doesn’t always work on every entity.

I just noticed something, the Lovelace card updates but not the states in developer tools.

Each time there is a commercial break it updates, but during the “play” states does not update.
But Lovelace does.

I took this screenshot just before a commercial break was due.

I measured the lines and as you can see the lines indicate that slightly less than half has been viewed.
The state shows about 1/3. When the commercial break started the state updated to 1195.

How can Lovelace card know the media_position?

The devtools might have disconnected, make sure you disable the option to disconnect after 5 minutes.

Where is that setting?
But as soon as I press pause the media_position updates.
I don’t think that is the issue.

It’s under your profile icon.

Didn’t make any difference.

Am I the only one who this happens too?