Why don't some groups show up?

Been setting groups up and sometimes certain combinations/sensors just don’t show up.

Here is an example. Why doesn’t the teststuff show up at all? no errors in the logs.

Also, is there a way to show the top icon (like in the default home view) in a custom default_view for certain sensors?

no spaces after “teststuff”?

Look in the developer tools>>states.
Does group show there?

I had this problem earlier today, and it was just because the entities in the group didn’t exist (I had the names wrong). It’s probably worth double checking the entity ids and that the sensors have loaded properly.

Both exist, I can see them in the States section, I copied and pasted their names. No extra spaces, in fact, if I comment those and put one that is in another group that group shows up fine but if either of the other ones are there it doesn’t show up.

This shows up fine

    #- sensor.mudroom_door_alarm_level
    #- sensor.entry_door_sensor_alarm_level
    - light.island_light_level

I noticed while doing this the last couple of days randomly some items just wont show up in groups. Mostly sensors and there is zero feedback as to why so I’m stuck removing them or creating templates.

HA: 0.54.0

It’s parsing correctly, the group shows up in the states section just not in the UI.

try removing ‘entities’

  - sensor.mudroom_door_alarm_level
  - sensor.entry_door_sensor_alarm_level

i just realized but my groups.yaml doesnt match documentation, they are listed as above.
I only use entities for groups that are being promoted to a view
Also, I define groups at beginning of yaml and views at end. I am not sure if this matters to HA but makes sense to define an object before using it.

:joy::rofl: Okay, class pebkac error. When I setup HA before I had custom views I add globs to hide this stuff from the dashboard. I’m an idiot, once I remove those everything shows now! :wink: